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The Traveler's Package

$85.00 / Sold Out

Here you can order your Traveler's bundle!

The package value is 120,00$ on sale at 85.00$ only for pre-order time ( December 1st to February 1st)

Limited offer!
* Order now to have our new split '' Distrollbar '' as a BONUS !

The traveler's pack includes:
- Physical Copy of the EP ''The Traveler's Path''
- Free digital version of the EP ''The Traveler's Path''
- Physical copy of the LP '' Earthdawn Groves''
- Free digital version of the LP ''Earthdawn Groves''
- New design T-Shirt
- An epic guitar pick
- Artwork Button
- Artwork 12 x 18 flyer
- Flag 3' x 5' with artwork
- A signed drumstick


Large------20.5''--------29'' --------------7''

We measure our garments at the chest from armpit to armpit, for the lenght from shoulder to the bottom of the hem, and for the sleeve from the inside armpit to the end of the hem/cuff.