Hailing from Alma Québec, Trollwar combine the best elements of folk, melodic death and black metal into something vital, potent and uniquely their own. Building on the foundations created by the likes of Finntroll and Amon Amarth they forge fiery folky metal that is unique and complex.

A fierce war party of long term friends with a passion for LARP events and festivals, TROLLWAR consists of Steeve Jobin-Fortin (guitar), Yanick Tremblay (drums), Mathieu Chauvette (guitars), Keven Villeneuve (bass), Simon-Pierre Fortin-Leclerc (vocals) and Jonathan Mathieu (accordion).

Since starting their quest in 2011, they have leveled past their folk roots and have taken a darker, more powerful path becoming more versatile and utilizing more inspiration from bands such as Wintersun and Luca Turilli. The symphonic and power metal elements continue to shine amongst the harshness of the folk and black metal with themes pulled from the works of Tolkien and Lovecraft.

Eager to etch their mark on the metal scene, their live shows are full of the brutality and energy that each one of them brings to the stage, albeit often times, in close quarters:

“Live, the listener can expect something epic! 6 metalheads banging their head offs and playing the instrument they like the most. Epic breakdowns and melodies, pretty good entertainment in general. It’s harder to move on the stage when you are 6 and you play in small venues, but don’t fool yourself. It won’t keep the energy from being thrown in your face from the stage.”

Playing with a myriad of heavy hitters such as Kalmah, Alestorm and Arkona and with an inventory of well-received releases: ‘Bloodshed Forges’ EP (2011); ‘Earthdawn Groves’ LP (2013); and ‘The Traveler’s Path’ EP (2017); Trollwar are working mightily to forge a new LP ‘Oath of the Storm’ for 2018, that will feature their trademark ‘symphony, brutality, darkness, ambiance, and power!’.