The Summoner of The Storm Package

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Here you can order your Summoner of The Storm package !

The Summoner of The Storm Package includes:
- '' Oath of the Storm '' Physical cd in a Jewel Case
- New design ''Oath of the Storm'' T-Shirt
- An epic guitar pick
- Artwork 12 x 18 flyer CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
- Free stickers & poster (Limited) CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

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Artwork by Nicolas Francoeur (Vorace-Art)


Large------20.5''--------29'' --------------7''

We measure our garments at the chest from armpit to armpit, for the lenght from shoulder to the bottom of the hem, and for the sleeve from the inside armpit to the end of the hem/cuff.


Oath of the Storm Track listing:
1. Intro (1:47)
2. Summoning (6:12)
3. Into Shadows (4:40)
4. The Forsaken One (3:47)
5. In Defiance (5:00)
6. Hymn For The Vanquished (4:43)
7. Forgotten (5:36)
8. Omens of Victory (4:28)
9. Home of Forbidden Lore (5:24)
10. Shores of Madness (5:03)
11. Winter’s Night (5:15)
12. Outro (3:02)
Album Length: 55:01

About the album:
The writing process of this album began shortly, a few months after earthdawn groves in 2013. We had several changes of line-up, but we still pushed on. we also made the decision to create our new sound with orchestral work to provide a different experience to the listener. We can cheer jonathan for all the hours that were spent at this sake. On this album, the feel is way darker and deeper than “Earthdawn Groves”, but we keep following the same path. Starting from a blend of blackened folk metal, we worked really hard to develop the melodic and dynamic aspects that forges our sound. Adding an orchestral aspect to both the album production and live act will result in epic and astounding results!

Recorded at The Grid Studio and produced by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) along with Marco Fréchette

Trollwar’s lyrics are mainly inspired by books such as Tolkien’s or Lovecraft’s. It can also be inspired by mythological events such as the ones in old European mythologies.